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Enhance your Excel experience with Jedox


THE For as long as most finance professionals can remember, Excel has been the gold standard. But in this day and age, is it still enough? Although Excel is a great tool which offers numerous features that provide a lot of functionality, it still has limitations that deny users a slew of functions and features now available to finance professionals. This makes it extremely cumbersome and difficult to use Excel for error - free enterprise wide Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting.

Enhance your Excel experience with Jedox

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Technology is rapidly changing the face of finance. Build on thisevolution, and gain business value and insights from your data. Your organization can achieve this by combining Excel with the Jedox Budgeting & Planning solution.

With the Jedox Budgeting & Planning solution, there is no need to compromise and choose between one or the other. Enhance your Excel experienceand help guide your organization’s next steps digital transformation with Jedox!

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