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It's no secret that many CFOs and financial managers dislike the budgeting and annual forecasting process. Just obtaining the data you need is a major headache, and when you get it from IT weeks later, you have no confidence in its accuracy because so much time has elapsed.

This whitepaper is for financial managers needing a better self-service tool for budgeting, planning and forecasting and those needing a spark to change current practices that are holding your company back. Maybe it's time to stop relying on IT to build forecasting reports for you and waiting weeks or even months for them, or it is time to augment or replace antiquated business intelligence tools that don't deliver the 'what-if' and planning scenarios you need.
Download the whitepaper - "7 Reasons CFOs Should Change Their Budgeting & Forecasting Process"
Learn more about our Seven Reasons to Change:
  1. Historical Data Instantly Obsolete; Reporting on Actuals Only is Weak.
  2. Spreadsheets Aren't Data Repositories
  3. Data Collection and Analysis Wastes Days, Weeks
  4. Annual Budget Typically not tied to Strategy
  5. A Data Warehouse Doesn't Lead to Better Forecasting
  6. Many BI Tools Require IT Assistance
  7. Cloud-based Analytics Tools Deliver High Value
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